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strip her naked18禁超污无遮挡无码免费应用

Rey wakes up firmly wrapped in a strong pair of arms. She feels calm, warm, and safe — wherever she is. Her back is up against a hard chest. She stays in dreamland for a time. Enjoying the moment. Enjoying the comfort.Before the realization, wakefulness, dawns on her. She is in the arms of Kylo Ren. She jumps, suddenly anxious. Heart pounding.When he feels her stir, he wraps his arms tighter. "Shhh…" he whispers in her ear. "You're okay."The fight in her is exhausted from the past few days and she relaxes against him. Feels him kiss her neck softly. Her body responds as he runs his hand down her side. She feels him begin to harden between her legs and feels her body respond instantly.She inhales sharply as he thrusts into her, her body already slick with wetness. Kylo pulls her legs apart and pulls her on top of him. She is forced to arch her back as he thrusts himself between her legs. Her back is against his chest and he runs his hands up her stomach and up to her breasts.Rey cannot resist. Cannot fight. Her eyes are closed as she lays on him, her legs spread wide, as he fucks her gently awake. He goes at a slow and easy pace."I'm sorry about yesterday," he says in a whisper."Which part?""Whichever part makes you the most upset.""That's not…" She groans as he moves his hand to massage her clit. "An apology… ah…" She moans in pleasure. "Kylo?""Yes, Rey?""Are you going to keep seeing other women?"He pauses for a moment in his thrusting. Then continues vigorously. "Yes."His answer frustrates her. Indignant, Rey tries to buck off of him. But his arms wrap around and hold her like a vice. She struggles against him. He pulls himself out of her and pushes her off him, onto her back on the bed, and flips himself around on top of her so that he is between her legs.He pins her wrists and smiles down at her. Enjoying the feel of her struggling against him. The anger in her face. The desperate confusion."Rey…" He laughs. "You're an easy target." He moves his knees up towards her butt, forcing her legs apart wider and positions the tip of his penis to enter her."Why would you say that?" Rey asks. She's frustrated with his constant taunting."I'm not going to stop seeing other women," Kylo tells her. Rey cries out as he thrusts into her, burying himself to the hilt. "But I'll think of you while I'm fucking them."He continues holding her arms down as he thrusts into her at a rapid pace — building the pressure inside her — until it EXPLODES — and Rey wants to cry out and rub herself against him — feeling him release inside her. The spasms from her orgasm practically milking the semen out of him.When he finishes, he lays himself down on top of her. Runs his hands along her breasts. Makes her GASP in pleasure as he pinches and plays with her nipples."Kylo…""Yeah?""I hate you."Kylo squeezes her nipples hard and she CRIES OUT in pain. He sits up and gets off of her. "Good. You'll need that hatred today."Rey sits up, covering herself with the blanket. She looks at him curiously. Apprehensively."I have to take you to Snoke."Rey's face falls. She spends the rest of the morning with a feeling of dread. She's terrified of seeing Snoke. At least alone with Kylo, there were times she could almost forget she was a prisoner of the dark side. But Snoke was the real life representation of the dark side.She knew Kylo's powers. She didn't want to experience Snoke's. She wanted to kick herself for having any delusions that she would get out of here. That she just had to endure this ordeal. But right now, her hope was crushed.They make their way to the Snoke's majestic holographic chamber.Rey kneels in front of the giant hologram of Supreme Leader Snoke. Behind her are two of the most powerful men in the First Order. General Hux and Kylo Ren."Are you questioning his methods, General Hux?" Snoke asks."I think it inappropriate that he has the girl sequestered in his apartment where she learns nothing—""She's learning to obey.""And how is that going?" Hux asks Kylo Ren, raising a disbelieving eyebrow."She is progressing. She was… quite compliant this morning," Kylo Ren says awkwardly. A faint blush in his cheeks.Rey shifts, uncomfortable where the conversation is heading. Her face burns at the obviousness, of Kylo's words. She wants to kick him.Hux rolls his eyes and turns to Kylo Ren. "Just because she has stopped resisting your advances, doesn't mean anything—"Snoke raises his hand for silence. "Enough, General.""With all due respect, Supreme Leader. I am a leader of soldiers. I have thousands of nineteen year old girls in my army. I know how to turn a civilian into a soldier—""You can't teach her in the ways of the force," Kylo interjects."I can teach her discipline. Obedience. Which you are failing miserably at." Hux takes a step forward, looking up at Snoke's hologram. "Supreme Leader, even last night the girl tried to escape."Kylo glowers in silence. His stares down at the ground, unable to refute Hux's accusations. Hating the smugness in the general's voice.Hux breaks the silence in the room. "I'd suggest handing her to me and allowing me to teach her the ways of the First Order. I'll not have him training a powerful force user with questionable loyalties."Snoke thinks for a moment. "Perhaps you are right, General Hux. You shall both go to Morabund, to the old Sith temple. Train her there, where she has no chance of escape. Kylo Ren will train her in the ways of the force."Kylo Ren nods. Relieved.Snoke continues. "And General Hux, you shall take part in her training. Teach her the discipline of the First Order."General Hux nods his head. Emanating smugness. "Thank you, Supreme Leader. I shall not fail you." Hux clips his heels and turns around smartly. He leaves Rey kneeling alone with Kylo Ren.Rey can sense Kylo's rage building. His frustration is palpable. She doesn't know if what just happened was a good thing or not.Suddenly, the ground RUMBLES, the base SHAKES."Come immediately." Snoke looks around, right before his hologram flickers and then disappears completely.While the base is attacked, Kylo Ren keeps Rey by his side on the leash. Rey looks determinedly for her friends. Her heart beats, thrilled at the possibility of escape. Ending this madness.They stay in the command room with General Hux. Until the announcement."Sir, the resistance prisoners escaped!"Kylo's fury is unleashed. He stalks down the hall, forcing Rey to trail behind him. The intel showed that Poe and Finn were outside the base, in the northwest quadrant. The same place where Rey and Kylo fought.When the two of them emerge from the base out to the snowy wasteland, Rey immediately sees Poe and Finn racing towards the Millennium Falcon.The sight of the ship gives her hope and she determines to get on with them and fly away from this cold, brutal base."Poe! Finn!" she screams. Kylo attempts to hold her close to him— She claws at his face, viciously. Her teeth gritted, all her muscles straining.It takes every ounce of energy, strength, and cunning she has to wrest herself from his grasp.She yells to them and begins racing towards them. Kylo Ren yanks her back with the chain. She turns around, grabs onto the chain, and attempts to pull it out of his hand.His strength is greater than hers and she is pulled towards him.Suddenly, Kylo Ren doubles back, a small explosion in his abdomen— his face goes wide with surprise and his body falls limply into the snow. Rey's heart stops.She turns to see Poe standing fifty feet away with the bowcaster. Finn right behind him. Rey turns back to see Kylo Ren's face contorted in agony."Help me, Rey…" he calls out, weakly.Rey pauses in the snow. Finds herself unable to decide between Kylo Ren and her old friends.But the decision has been made for her.She turns back towards the Falcon and sees Poe and Finn staring at her. There is a palpable sense of betrayal on their faces and in their body language. She senses them turn their backs on her.The simple act of turning back to Kylo Ren… her concern when he was shot. It's a betrayal to them, she realizes.She springs towards them through the snow and the trees. "Poe! Finn! Wait for me!"They board the ship. It lights up. Rey keeps running.The ship rises into the air. Rey runs beneath it, holding her arms in the air. "Wait for me! Don't leave me…"The ship takes off and BLASTS into the atmosphere.Rey falls to her knees in the snow. She is taken back to the memory of her family leaving her behind on Jakku. Taking off and never coming back… Poe and Finn were never coming back.Her friends left without her. It hits her like a punch to the gut. They think she betrayed them. And maybe she did. They suffered… being tortured, languishing in prison cells while she… While she fucked Kylo Ren. The man who caused all their suffering.She shivers. Of course they left without her. They suffered and what did she do? She allowed Kylo Ren to use her body for his own pleasure. How could this have happened? Despair sets in her heart as she watches the last speck of light that was the Millennium Falcon.She lays down in the snow. Intending to die on Starkiller Base when it exploded.A black shuttle hovers in the air. Kylo Ren's shuttle. It hovers in front of her. The hatch opens and settles down into the snow.General Hux emerges, heading straight for Rey.Rey gets up weakly and starts to run away. General Hux runs after her and tackles her to the ground. He grabs at the leash that still hangs from the collar around her neck. He starts pulling her towards the shuttle."Rey! I'm sorry about this. We have to go. NOW."Rey resists, digging her heels into the snow. "No! Let me die here!"Hux grabs her arm and puts his shoulder into her torso and LIFTS her off the ground. "I don't have time for this!" He carries her over his shoulder and runs to the shuttle.She kicks and punches at him, but he's stronger than he looks. He makes it onto the ship.The hatch closes behind them. Hux throws her down next to where Kylo Ren lays unconscious on the floor of the shuttle. Hux leaves, shouting orders to the crew, and heads to the cockpit.Captain Phasma hovers over an Kylo Ren. It is chaos on the small shuttle as a medic droid works frantically to stop Kylo Ren's bleeding.Kylo Ren opens his eyes to stare at Rey. Rey looks back horrified. Kylo reaches out to her. "Rey… stay with me…" He finds the end of the leash, which is draped over the shuttle floor. He wraps the leash around his fist.As Rey despairs, Kylo Ren feels triumph. An unexpected success — separating her from her friends. Before Captain Phasma collected him, he saw them leave without her. Saw her stranded in the snow, despairing. He felt sad for the pain she was in… but he was pleased. Because now he could kill them without worrying about alienating her too much.Then he passes out into unconsciousness.The shuttle BLASTS out of the atmosphere. As the shuttle hurtles through space, Starkiller Base implodes in on itself, collapsing into a ball of fire."Ren, you have to let the girl go." Hux grabs at the chain in Kylo's hand and begins prying it from his fingers. Rey tries to huddle out of the way, as far as the chain will allow. Kylo Ren lay on an operating table in the medic bay of the small Starship they traveled in. They switched from Kylo Ren's small shuttle to a bigger one as they traveled to Moraband."Sedate him," Hux orders the droid."No!" Kylo Ren smacks the droid away. "I want to stay awake."Exasperated, Hux says, "Kylo Ren. Supreme Leader Snoke has entrusted me with your personal well being. I don't intend to let him down." Hux succeeds in prying the chain out of Kylo Ren's hand and throws it away from Kylo's grasp.Hux grabs the sedative needle from the droid. "Hold him down," he orders the attendant stormtrooper. Kylo Ren protests and tries to fight as Hux holds his arm down and plunges the needle into his vein."I hope you don't make a habit of this, Ren," Hux says sharply. "You're a terrible patient.""Stay away from her," is the last thing Kylo Ren manages to say before the sedative hits him and he passes out.The medical room goes silent. A light whirring begins as the medical droids begin their healing process on Kylo's unconscious form.Hux turns to Rey. Rey squats down against the wall, as far from Kylo Ren as the room will allow. She stands up, alarmed, as Hux moves towards her slowly. Hux puts his hands up in a surrender motion.He moves towards her slowly— trying no to alarm her, but Rey thinks he moves like a predator. "Rey, I am going to remove the chain. Will you allow me to do this?"Rey's expression is suspicious, guarded. Her body language defensive."I just want to take it off, so you can be free of it. Okay?"Rey nods.Hux steps forward. He stands too close. Rey stiffens, but stays still, staring at his chest and his neck, a mere two inches from her face."He never should have put this on you…" Hux mutters. "Barbaric."Rey can smell a very faint cologne, or something that smells very masculine. She closes her eyes to relax herself, but that only makes her more aware of his closeness. He reaches around her and handles the collar delicately. Rey inhales sharply when his fingers touch her neck.Hux pulls away and looks down at her, his face questioning, curious. He unclips the chain and it drops to the ground. Then he continues moving the collar, investigating it. Rey tries not to shudder whenever he touches her neck, uncomfortable with his proximity.Hux sighs and steps back. "I can't take it off. Kylo Ren has to do it."Rey's face falls. Disappointed."He's not going to be awake for a few hours. I'm starving. Would you eat with me?" Hux asks politely.Rey's stomach is growling. She hadn't eaten since morning. Kylo wouldn't let her out of his grasp while he was transported to the medical bay. She hesitates because this is General Hux. General of the First Order. The enemy of the resistance."I don't know…" Rey says, desperately wanting food.Hux nods. "I understand your hesitation. I'm your enemy. You're a prisoner here."Rey swallows nervously."You're a special case, Rey," Hux continues. "You understand? I can't leave you alone until Kylo Ren wakes up. I have orders to make sure you arrive on Moraband. You understand?" He pauses, taking in her reaction.Rey doesn't know what he wants her to say. She's defensive.Hux continues. "I can't have you doing your Jedi mind tricks here, so it's either with me or with Kylo Ren. And he's unconscious. So the inconvenience falls to me.""If I'm such an inconvenience, why don't you let me go?""You're a valuable inconvenience. You're worth it. So, dinner?" he asks, affably.Rey wraps her arms around her body. At a loss for words."I could put you in shackles if it would make you more comfortable. Or you can just come eat with me. No harm done." He holds his hand out to her. She stares at it suspiciously."I'll eat with you." She ignores his hand and moves towards the door. Anxiety gnaws at her as she follows him, worried something bad will happen, worried that dinner won't just be dinner.They head down the corridor and arrive at Hux's residence on the starship. The door swishes open and Hux motions for her to enter first.Hux's chamber is spacious and simple. Decorated in black, red and white design. A simple wide bed in the middle of one side of the room and a couch on the other side. An elegant table set in the corner and a small kitchenette.Hux motions for her to sit. She looks around… hesitates a moment, then sits. Hux goes to the kitchen and takes out a decanter of water and some cups. He comes back and pours her water.She immediately gulps it all down. Hux smiles and pours more. Sets the decanter next to her. They sit in silence as Rey stares down at the table or into her water glass, trying not to look at Hux.The door buzzes. Hux lets the food droids in. Rey's mouth waters at the wonderful aroma. Her stomach is gnawing at her, her mouth watering. She wants to reach out for it, but she's afraid. Suddenly afraid that Kylo Ren will appear behind her, strip her naked, tie her hands, and dangle a tempting morsel of food forever out of her reach.She reminds herself that he's not here. Hux notices her discomfort but doesn't say anything. He quietly prepares her a plate of food and sets it in front of her. She only stares at it.He gets his own food and sits down. He starts eating.Rey looks at him, apprehensively. He smiles. She releases the breath she was holding and relaxes. For the first time since she was captured by Kylo Ren, she eats with her hands, without restraint. Without a show of humiliation. She begins shoving food into her mouth.Rey's plate empties quickly. She looks up to see Hux glancing at her, his eyes moving from her plate to her face. His plate still mostly full. And she cringes as she notices the fork in his hand. She forgets… that's how civilized people eat."Do you want more?" Hux asks, apparently unconcerned with her lack of table etiquette."Can I have more?" Rey asks suspiciously, paranoid that it's going to be taken away, or she's going to be punished in some way."You can have whatever you want."Rey stares at the remaining plates of food. "What if I eat it all?""I'll order more."Rey suppresses a smile. She is thrilled and digs in eagerly. She pauses to try and remember manners. She musters a tiny bit of restraint to taste the food. She picks up a fork and copies Hux.He looks away politely, pretending to read something off a data pad.After a time, he sets down his fork and stares at her. "Can I talk to you, Rey?"Rey pauses her eating. She nods. Suddenly apprehensive."Please relax. I don't want to be cruel to you. I am nothing like Kylo Ren. I would never do what he did to you. I would never treat you the way he is treating you.""You're the First Order. You're all cruel. You all do terrible things." Rey spats.Hux shrugs. "And you have a platform of knowledge that provides a basis for that assumption? The cruelty you've experienced is from Kylo Ren. If it were me, I would have executed you and your friends. What Kylo Ren did… is barbaric.""But you did the same… you punished Finn."Hux shakes his head. "Finn was a deserter. A traitor. We have rules. Discipline. What would you do, Rey? With someone who defected to your enemy?""I would… let them go."Hux raises an eyebrow. "Let them go." He nods. "Okay. Fair enough." He eats a few more bites of food. Looks up at her occasionally. Contemplative. Chewing. Thinking."Do you trust Kylo Ren?" he asks."Yes…" Rey sputters out a bite of food. "Um, no… I mean… No." Rey stumbles. "I don't think so.""That's interesting."Rey looks up from her food. Startled and uncomfortable. "Why?"He looks straight at her. "You know why," he says in a low, even tone.Chills go down Rey's spine. She did say yes. Oh no, she worries. Why was her impulse to say yes? Did she trust him? She stops eating, panicking, thinking about what happened on the base. Why did her friends leave her? She did turn back, concerned for Kylo Ren… Because, in the moment, even though she was trying to escape him, she couldn't imagine him dying… And Poe and Finn knew. She was damaged."Am I making you uncomfortable?""Oh, um, I'm sorry… I'm just…" Rey pauses, tears starting to moisten her eyes. Her throat constricts and she's at a loss for words."You're confused. About why you said yes.""My friends…" she chokes out.Hux nods sympathetically. "They left without you. Left you with us… With me. And Kylo Ren." He watches the tears stream down her face. "They thought you were going to die there."Rey shakes her head. "But why?" Her voice is vulnerable, shaky, coming out in a whisper."Can you blame them? Just that very morning… were you even resisting him?"Rey sits in a stunned silence. She didn't resist him that morning… She even enjoyed it. The pleasure he gave her… Rey shudders. Her chest is tight with sorrow. She couldn't blame Poe and Finn. They had written her off for dead… They saw what she did. Kneeling in front of Kylo Ren. His slave. His pet.She squeezes her eyes shut. Thinking of Kylo Ren even now makes her flush with warmth, Heat and moisture grows between her legs. A betrayal.Hux reaches out and puts his hand over hers. She jumps slightly as she feels the warmth and weight of his hand over her own. "I didn't mean to upset you… Your friends… They didn't know what you had been through."They sit there in silence as Rey tries to get her sobbing under control. She feels comforted by his hand on hers, despite herself.Hux breaks the silence. "Do you understand power, Rey?"The question confuses her. Surprises her. She shakes her head. She doesn't understand what he's getting at. "Why do you ask me this?""Because I don't think you do. I think Kylo Ren is afraid of your power. He knows you'll be stronger than him. So he's trying to control you. Brutalizing you. And yet… your first impulse is to trust him. Curious, isn't it?"Rey pulls her hand away from Hux. She wraps her arms around her body, hugging herself. Trying to comfort the confusion and turmoil within her.Hux watches her a moment before continuing softly. "Do you want to understand what he did to you?"Rey just sits there, rocking back and forth with tears in her eyes. She nods hesitantly."Do you think what he's doing is okay?"Rey thinks about his questions and shakes her head slowly. Feeling so naive… so out of her depth.Hux stands up and begins putting the trays of food away."He's awake," Hux says abruptly, breaking Rey's train of thought. Rey's heart pounds in her chest and tears burn her eyes as he says, "I have to take you back."Rey stands at the door uncertainly. The room is dim. Similar to Hux's, except where Hux had an elegant sense of color and design, Kylo's room is just black upon black. A black tile floor and dark walls.Rey sees his figure rise from the bed, a dark silhouette moving ominously towards her. Her heart beat speeds up and her breath quickens.As his face comes into view, Rey backs against the door, pressing herself against it. But Kylo comes gently, his face sympathetic.He puts his hands on her shoulders. A soft, light touch. He lays a gentle kiss against her forehead. Rey melts against his chest, comforted. Feeling for a moment that maybe Hux was wrong about him?She doesn't know why she begins to cry against his chest. He holds her head against his chest, smoothing her hair back, kissing the top of her head. Murmuring comforting words into her ear. "It's okay, Rey… I'm sorry. I saw what happened… Shhh…" He rocks her gently, before pushing her away.He takes her by the arm and begins leading her to the bed. Rey feels the weight of the silence in the dim room. Feels his voice deeply when he speaks. "I'm glad you're with me… I'm sorry what happened to you… But I'm glad you're with me…""Are you hungry?" he asks.Rey shakes her head. Her belly is full from the dinner with General Hux.Kylo raises an eyebrow. "You ate already?""Yeah. With Hux.""You ate with Hux?" Kylo asks. He pauses and pulls away from her, suddenly going very still.Rey nods— unaware of the soft fury in his voice."You ate. With Hux," he repeats, stony. Rey realizes her mistake and is suddenly terrified. Kylo backs away from her, moving through the room to pick something up. Something she doesn't see."Good," he says. "I'm tired anyway. And very, very, disappointed in you…" He walks back towards her and she backs away.She tries to get away, but Kylo grabs onto her arm, so tightly that it's painful. "I suffer because of you again… You ran away from me. I thought we talked about this. I thought you understood."Kylo twists her arm painfully and forces her to her knees. He pulls both her hands behind her back and binds them together. "How can I feel safe when you are so disobedient?" he says and his voice makes her heart beat faster."Kylo, stop it!" she cries out.Kylo Ren grabs her elbow and hauls her to her feet. Drags her across the room to the end of his bed. His bed frame extends up to Rey's shoulders, a series of horizontal cast-iron bars."I can't fight you tonight, Rey. I'm hurt and I'm too weak…" he says sadly.He turns her to face him so that her back is to the bed. He lifts her arms over the top bar of the bed frame. He puts a tie around her waist and fastens her wrists to it. So that her arms are behind her back, draped over the bed frame, and her waist held securely in place, and she's forced to lean forward, similar to a mermaid at the tip of ship."I would give you the universe and you would give me nothing but pain," he says sadly."Kylo, what are you doing?" she asks, alarmed."Shhh… it's okay," he whispers in her ear. He pulls her shirt from her belt, pulls it up past her breasts and over her head. He positions it so it covers her eyes and only her lips are exposed.Rey shudders as his cold fingers touch her bare breasts. He toys gently with her nipples as he kisses her languorously. She moans softly and her nipples harden in his grasp. She feels his smile against her lips. His evil smile, she thinks."I love how responsive you are to my touch," he says.She feels moisture and warmth between her legs… and an aching desire to be satisfied…Kylo works his way down her sides, running his hand along her belly, and begins unfastening her belt buckle. He pulls her pants down around her ankles, all the way to her boots. She thinks he's going to take her pants off, or at least unfasten her boots. But he leaves her boots on and refastens her belt around her ankles, pinning them together.He runs his hands sensuously up her legs. He slips his finger between her thighs. She jerks and shudders as he caresses her vagina.He whispers. "You're so wet…" She gasps and writhes, wanting him to continue… "I really am afraid of you, Rey. I almost died twice because of you. Twice."The cold air hits her as he moves away."Kylo?" she asks, feeling suddenly vulnerable and exposed."Goodnight, Rey." She listens in silence, struggling against her bonds. Unable to move or get away. Blinded. She senses him move into the bed, crawl under the covers… Her heart beats in panic."No… you can't leave me like this…" she shouts and struggles, panicked. Her heart pounding and adrenaline coursing through her body."Shhh… you'll be okay. And now, so will I.""Kylo, let me go!""Don't force me to gag you.""No!" she shouts. Kylo frowns. He extends out with his force powers and freezes her mouth shut.He turns over and makes himself comfortable, careful not to aggravate the wound in his side. He smiles as he listens to Rey's muffled cries of disbelief and desperation, her soft struggles against her bonds… He drifts off to sleep, satisfied, comforted to have her back so close to him.Kylo Ren wakes up refreshed the next morning. He gets out of bed and stretches. He feels a slight pang of guilt when he sees Rey still tied to the end of his bed.She looks like a prisoner on her way to a death sentence, he thinks. Her head covered in her shirt, hanging down below her shoulders. Her knees slump and she hangs by her elbows. He enjoys the sight of her slim, naked vulnerability. The sight of her pants tangled around her ankles.He turns on the artificial sun lights. His heart beats slightly faster as he sees Rey begin to stir. He wishes he had tied her differently so that he could fuck her more easily.He moves to the bed and unties the restraint around her waist. He lifts her arms, freeing her from the bed frame. Her hands still tied behind her back, he sets her gently on the floor.He undoes the belt around her ankles. Rey doesn't say anything. Just waits patiently as he unties her. He undoes her boots and pulls them off her feet, pulls of her socks, and slides her pants off of her.He takes a moment to enjoy the sight of her - her shirt still covering her face, her lips parted slightly, as she waits tensely. Completely naked and vulnerable.The cold black tile is cold on her butt. The nerves in her body are fired up as Kylo Ren takes her clothes off. She feels vulnerable and helpless. Then suddenly he turns her over pushes her on the floor. She gasps as her stomach and breasts are pressed up against the cold tile."Relax," he says. "I'm just untying you so I can take your shirt off your head…"He straddles her and unties her hands. Rey experiences relief when her arms are free, her shoulder muscles sore from hanging all night.Kylo pulls her shirt off of her head. The light blinds her and she squeezes her eyes shut. Then opens them, startled, when she feels Kylo pull her wrists together behind her back and place a firm restraint on them.She struggles underneath him. "Why?"Kylo laughs softly. "Why not, Rey? Why shouldn't I?"Rey doesn't know what to say. She lowers her head in defeat, her cheek pressing against the cold floor.Rubbing salt in the wound, Kylo says, "Are you not my enemy? Are you still loyal to the friends who abandoned you?""You're evil," she whispers.This amuses Kylo. He smiles and gets off of her. He grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her to her knees."I never claimed not to be," he says smugly. He stands in front of her, between her legs, his groin in front of her face. Smoothes back her hair. Cradles her face in his hands.Rey's cheeks blush red and her eyes dart around, flustered. Feeling heat flood her abdomen as her heartbeat increases."I'm not doing anything to you. Why are you panting?" Kylo asks, amused. Pleased to see her in a state of such arousal. "It's okay, Rey. I know what you want.""Get away from me," she demands.His grip on her face becomes firm and his eyes become steel. "You still don't accept your place." He exhales a sigh as he feels himself growing hard. "But you're so adorable…"He releases her momentarily so he can pull his pants down, freeing his member. The gasps, startled— he force freezes her before she can struggle and move away."You can close your eyes…" Kylo Ren tells her. She squeezes her eyes shut as he shoves himself inside of her mouth. He force freezes her mouth open. Rey endures his thrusting - the tip of his penis hitting the back of her throat. She gasps in as much air as she can when he pulls out.Kylo throws his head back in pleasure as he pumps into her mouth. As he nears his release, he pauses and looks down at her. He pulls out, leaving her mouth wide open.He uses his hand to pump his seed into her. He shudders at his release. When he's finished, he stares down at Rey's open mouth, filled with his seed. It sends a shiver of excitement up his spine to see her like this. So fragile, so vulnerable, so completely under his control.He pulls his pants back up, still staring at Rey, who sits like a statue. Almost like a water fountain, he thinks. Her head tilted up, a pool inside her open mouth.He caresses her face, enjoying the helpless look in her eyes, then pushes her jaw closed. He leans down to kiss her on the cheek. He wipes away any excess on her lips.He kneels down between her legs to whisper into her ear. "I'm going to make you breakfast and you're going to stay here and keep this in your mouth until I'm finished." He kisses her lightly on the mouth.He gets up. "Don't swallow until I tell you to." At the questioning look in her eyes, Kylo Ren shrugs. He moves towards the small kitchenette in the corner. "Don't ask me why I do the things I do. It makes me feel special." Rey isn't sure if he meant that seriously or sarcastically and her cheeks burn in embarrassment.Kylo Ren moves around the kitchen, getting out dishes and utensils.Rey waits like a statue. Her mouth filled with Kylo Ren's seed. Her pulse is elevated and she jumps any time Kylo Ren makes noise in the kitchen, being careful not to swallow the load in her mouth.The door BUZZES,中文字幕av无码不卡免费 swishes open, and in walks General Hux. If Hux is surprised at what he sees, he doesn't show it.Kylo Ren nearly drops the pan he was cooking with. He looks at Hux, outraged."What are you doing, barging in here like that?" Kylo Ren gets right in Hux's face. Rey knew he would have gone for his light saber had it been anyone else.Hux says nonchalantly, "Supreme Leader has an urgent message for you, Kylo Ren." His eyes dart quickly to Rey then back to the enraged man in front of him."Never enter like that again," Kylo says, menacing.Hux spreads his arms out and gives a slight, humble bow. "I am a mere servant following the orders of the Supreme Leader." Hux looks Kylo right in the eye, indifferent to the barely suppressed FURY in Kylo's eyes.Hux continues in a clipped tone. "He was most insistent you come right away. Alone." Hux looks over at Rey. "I'll watch your pet while you're gone."Kylo doesn't say anything. He's furious. He grabs his coat and heads to the door, glaring at Hux.Kylo leaves. The door closes behind him. It makes Rey's heart race.The silence is oppressive. Rey stays still where she is. She is surprised to hear Hux mutter, "I'm sorry, Rey."Hux averts his gaze, turns his back to her and stares at the door. Giving her some semblance of privacy in her vulnerable state. Her face blushes red with shame and humiliation."Don't be embarrassed." Hux says in a gentle, understanding voice, keeping his gaze on the door. "This isn't your fault. Kylo Ren is an uncivilized brute."Rey doesn't know whether to be grateful or not. Relieved that he's not staring at her predicament. Wonders if he knows what she holds in her mouth."I am the commander of this ship. I know what goes on in my own domain." All Rey can do is listen and ponder his words.A stretch of silence passes before Hux continues. Rey almost wonders if he's talking to himself. "Although some people like to think they can hide things, nothing is hidden from me."Kylo Ren enters in a huff. Surprised to see Hux so close to the door and nearly collides into him. Hux suppresses a slight smile at Kylo Ren's clumsiness.Kylo is relieved to see Rey in the same place, same position. He stares at Hux coldly. "You can leave now, General."Hux nods and moves towards the door. He glances back at Rey."I'll see you for lunch," he says.Kylo Ren glares at him as he leaves. Is relieved when the door closes behind him."Don't worry about him," Kylo Ren tells Rey. He heads back into the kitchen. "He doesn't matter."Kylo continues cooking and soon has a plate of food prepared.Kylo sets the plate on the floor. Far from where Rey kneels. He leans against the kitchen counter, crosses his arms, and looks pointedly at her. "Come and get it."Rey scoffs. Realizes he expects her to crawl across the floor for it. She glares at him, frustrated at the humiliation. But she obeys, unable to protest.Her knees are sore when she arrives at the plate of food. Kylo Ren insists she show him her mouth, to prove her obedience. She opens her mouth to him and he smiles, pleased.—-Rey enters Hux's room. He opens the door with gusto. He smiles and motions her in. There is an entire tray of food on the table and Rey eyes it.She sits and Hux sits across from her. He doesn't say anything. He starts eating and motions for her to do the same.They sit there eating in a comfortable silence.Eventually, Rey breaks it. "Why am I here?"Hux looks at her, chewing a bite of food. "To learn.""I don't want to learn from you.""Then don't. Just sit there and eat.""The silence doesn't bother you?" Rey asks."No, silence is good. It's been a stressful couple of days, regrouping after your friends blew up our base."Rey sputters, "Oh, I'm sorry…"Hux pauses the food he's about to put in his mouth to look at her in surprise.She realizes what she's just said. "I didn't mean—"Hux bursts out laughing at her awkwardness. "Relax… I know what you meant.""Why am I really here? I don't understand.""Because I think you have potential. Snoke thinks you have potential. I really wish you would embrace this. I'm giving you the opportunity to ask me anything. You have the leader of the First Order willing to answer any of your questions. Do you have any?""I haven't thought about it," Rey says, confused."That's the problem. If you're still loyal to the resistance, how can you help them if you can't even take advantage of the opportunity you have now? What do you want to know? Future plans? Secret plots?"Rey sits back in her chair, and picks at her food. "Future plans?""Bring order to the galaxy," Hux says majestically. "Imagine how much more effectively you would help them if you were trained?" He leans forward. "I'm not asking you to change your allegiance. I'm just asking to let me teach you.""What do you really want from me?" Rey is suddenly suspicious."I want your cooperation. If not, I'll have to send you back to Kylo Ren."Rey shudders, conflicted.Hux raises an eyebrow. "You don't like that? Or maybe you do? Do you like what he does to you?""I just want to be free."Hux ignores her statement and continues. "I would never tie you up the way he does." He leans forward and says in a hushed tone, "I would make you beg first."Rey nearly drops the glass of water she was about to drink. "What?"Hux leans back in his chair and laughs softly, sipping his glass of wine."I know how brutal Kylo Ren can be… You're always welcome here, Rey." He motions to the couch. "You can sleep there if you're ever afraid. Or you take the bed, I'll take the couch."Rey spends the rest of the time with him playing a game of chess. She becomes engrossed in it, learning from his comments and his moves. They don't talk much. It ends when Hux has to leave.Rey doesn't have anywhere to go on the craft except back to Kylo Ren's room. She is relieved to find it empty. She ponders what Hux said to her. She doesn't understand what game he is playing. She's frustrated, feeling like she's out of her depth. Maybe she would take him up on his offer. If anything, she knew it bothered Kylo Ren.Kylo Ren didn't return until halfway through the night. By then, Rey had changed into one of his shirts because she couldn't find anything else, and was curled up in his bed, sleeping.He enters and Rey can sense frustration within him. He tosses his stuff down carelessly and turns on the light. Rey cringes at the brightness."Oh, am I disturbing you?" he says mockingly.Rey jumps out of bed, angry. "No. We need to talk.""About what? The difficulties of scrubbing rust off spare parts?""What happens when we get to Moraband?"Kylo Ren shrugs sadly. Losing his energy. "We train you with the Knights of Ren.""I train? Then you should take this collar off of me and start treating me like a human being. You can't handle me without it?""I'll take it off when we get to Moraband." He pauses. "How was your time with Hux? Did he teach you anything other than how to suck up to your superiors?""Are you threatened?""You're joking. Hux is nothing but a gundark sucking on Snoke's—"Rey yells, exasperated. "I can't live with you!""You don't have a choice.""I want freedom. I don't want to be controlled by you. You are barbaric and sadistic," she spats."I'm barbaric?" Kylo almost sounds indignant, then he nods. "That's true. " He shrugs. "And? Do you want me to change? Contort myself into your ideal man? Twist myself into something painful for your pleasure?""Why do you say these things?" she says, disgusted."Cause you'll never—" He stops. On the verge of saying a word he might regret. A word that makes him vulnerable."Never what?"Kylo shakes his head. He unclips his light saber and holds it up. Rey flinches, thinking he is going to use it on her. She is surprised when he tosses it to her. "Fire it up," he says.Kylo gets down on his knees in front of Rey. "Do your worst. Do whatever you want to me. I won't fight you. I won't resist. Take your revenge."She swings the saber at him and stops at his neck, holding it there. He closes his eyes and lowers his head, fully expecting to feel the heat cut through his neck. Rey strains with the conflict within her. She finally has the chance… and she can't do it…She shuts the blade down. "I didn't think you could possibly GET more frightening. Kylo Ren," she says his name with disdain. She steps away and starts moving towards the door. "I'm leaving."He gets up. "I won't stop you. I don't want you here anymore. I don't care if you sleep out in the cold, on metal grating."She THROWS the saber at him. He catches it easily.As soon as the door closes behind her, Kylo wishes she were back. He doesn't want to stop her, but he desperately hopes she will come back on her own. That she's not really so upset she would rather sleep in a cold, drafty corridor, than with him.He questions why he is so cruel to her. And worries what will happen when they arrive on planet. With a rebellious apprentice and a mortal wound, he would surely be challenged for leadership by the Knights of Ren. He knows he's up to the challenge. But it frightens him. Especially that he might look weak in front of Rey.Rey grew up in a harsh climate and she had to be incredibly strong to survive. Kylo Ren doesn't think she could ever love somebody weaker than her. Think she despises weakness. Kylo Ren doesn't delude himself— He is the strongest of the Knights of Ren. For now. He lays down and waits.—-A knock on the door awakens Hux in the middle of the night. He gets up, frowning at the intrusion and goes to the door. His mouth falls open in surprise when he sees who is at the door."Rey, it's the middle of the night…" He sees her clear distress, her vulnerability as she looks up at him with the wide eyes of a puppy. "But, of course, you can come any time." He motions for her to enter.Rey enters and leans against the wall and stares up at him shyly. "I'm sorry, I, he—""He hurt you?" Hux asks, concerned.She looks away. "Not quite…" She sighs, frustrated. "I can't seem to ever speak clearly around you."Hux steps forward and puts his hands on her shoulders. "Oh, Rey… You're distress is so… adorable, that it hurts me a little bit…" Rey's heart pounds as he moves closer to her."Do you need to talk?" he asks, cupping her face in his hands. He leans in close, his body pinning her against the wall."I— I don't know," she stumbles.He whispers into her ear. "Anything you need."He looks into her eyes then. His face so close, so intimate. His eyes cool and calm. She only has to move ever so slightly to plant a gentle kiss on his lips.He doesn't move, only continues to regard her with his cool gaze. She immediately regrets kissing him. Feeling like she just made a big mistake. Thinking his impassive gaze means he's rejecting her."I'm sorry," she blurts out quickly. She tries to move away, go back through the door. He stops her by pinning his body against hers.He puts a hand on her cheek and pulls her face close. "Don't be." He kisses her then, his hands moving down to her waist, pulling her away from the door.When he breaks the kiss, he picks her up and carries her to the bed. Rey is on a wave of adrenaline.Hux sets her down on the bed. He crawls in, but just lays down. Doesn't touch her. Her heart pounds and she feels uncertain."I think I made a mistake—" Rey starts to get off the bed. Hux grabs her wrist and she turns back to look at him."It's okay, Rey. You should learn… to take what you want." He lays casually with on arm behind his head, the other holding Rey's wrists. He pulls her closer to him.She resists slightly, but is intrigued."What do you want?" he whispers.Rey can't quite form the words. She crawls over to him and tentatively puts her leg over his, straddling him. Kylo Ren's shirt is pushed up around her waist. She feels self conscious of sitting on Hux, forgetting about the moisture growing between her legs."I'm sorry—" She starts to crawl off him, but his firm hands hold her by the waist. She pauses, staring down into his eyes. His face is inscrutable, but he looks at her with intrigue. Curious.She feels him harden beneath her and her pulse races."Are you scared?" he asks.Rey nods and looks down, unable to meet his gaze.Hux sits up, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her into him. He sits up. "Well, you should be." He cups her chin and forces her to look up. He kisses her softly, sensuously. He dips his tongue into her mouth and she moans.Hux lifts her hips slightly and pulls his pants off. Before she knows it, there is nothing between them and she can feel his hardness pressing between her legs.Hux looks her in the eye. "Do you want this?"Rey's heart races. "I don't know…""Why?""Kylo Ren…""You don't belong to him, Rey. Don't let him convince you he owns you. Do you want him to be the only man you ever sleep with? The only one to ever give you pleasure?"Rey shakes her head."What do you want?" he asks, moving himself against her, rubbing himself between her legs.She kisses him in response, passionately, fervently. He lifts Kylo Ren's shirt up over her head and tosses it away. Returns to kissing her.Rey moans in surprise as he enters her. Hux holds her face to his as he moves inside her, maintaining eye contact.The intimacy of his gaze is overwhelming and Rey can only ride the wave of pleasure. Suddenly, Hux flips her onto her back, keeping himself inside her. He is on top now, still gazing into his eyes, pumping into her."Will you let me teach you?""Yes," Rey answers."I have an assignment for you…"Rey's eyes widen. Curious. "What do you want me to do?"Hux kisses her gently before he speaks. "Go back to Kylo Ren…" Rey pulls away. Hux holds her in place and continues. "Make him eat my seed out of you…"She pulls back in surprise. "What?"Hux smiles. "You know—""I know. How do I convince him to do that?""This is about power, Rey. He wields it over you and you forget you have it. Find your power. He won't be able to resist you."Hux brings her to the precipice of pleasure. He releases himself inside her, staring down at her face as he finishes. Enjoying the sight of her writhing in ecstasy.He collapses on top of her, looking into her eyes again."You're under his power now," Hux says. "You have to find your way out of it before his control over you becomes more… absolute."—Absolute…Hux's words ring in her ears as she walks down the cold corridors back to Kylo Ren's room. More absolute, she thinks. Worried. She knows she shouldn't trust Hux… but he was right about so many things. It was true… she couldn't seem to escape from Kylo's control… His utter control over her body. She touches herself lightly between her legs. Hux's seed in her. Could she do it? Should she do it?Rey enters Kylo's room shyly. A little bit afraid. She is surprised to see him rush to her when she enters. He takes her in his arms and hugs her."I'm sorry about earlier… I'm so happy you came back." He rocks her in his arms, kissing her head softly.She pushes him away, surprised by his sudden vulnerability. Kylo Ren puts his hands behind his back in a way that say that he will be good. That her comfort is his priority. His eyes follow her as she moves to the bed.Rey strips off her clothes. She sits on the bed and leans back. Looks imploringly at Kylo Ren."Kiss me," she says softly, innocently.Kylo's heart skips a beat. He moves towards her and begins to lean towards her mouth, surprised when she puts a hand on his chest to stop him.She shakes her head. "No… kiss me here…" She guides his hand down to the place between her legs.Kylo's eyes flash in excitement, intoxicated by her request. He spreads her legs open, wraps his arms around her thighs and pulls her to the very edge of the bed.He gets down on his knees, putting his face between her legs. He kisses her gently on her clit. He inhales, enjoying the smell of her.He plunges his tongue into her and she moans softly. Kylo's strong arms hold her still as he laps up her juices. He alternates sticking his tongue into her, and sucking on her clit. He feels her muscles contract, feels her on the verge of release…He pulls away and stands up. Drops his pants and kicks them aside. He wraps his arms around her thighs again, pulling her forward. He positions the tip of his penis and enters her swiftly.She cries out loudly at the fullness inside her. He moves rhythmically into her. He releases his semen into her, satisfying himself at the same time she reaches her own release.Kylo pulls out of her and pushes her further onto the bed. She crawls back, giving him room to move in beside her. He pulls the covers over them both and pulls her into him. He kisses her softly.Rey enjoys the kiss… enjoying the taste of his mouth… the potent cocktail of Kylo Ren's saliva, her own juices, and the general's seed… It feels wrong to enjoy it. But for the first time in this ordeal, Rey feels something unfamiliar. Satisfaction.Kylo pulls her head against his chest and they fall asleep, facing each other.The next time Rey sees Hux, she is terrified. He stands in the cargo bay of the starship in front of a formation of troops, every inch the military leader of the First Order. Captain Phasma stands by his side, in her chrome plate armor."Terror is the only justice for our enemies!" Hux shouts, passionate. "We will rebuild. Any set back will be rebuilt ten fold! They blow up one base, we will build ten! We are the greatest military might in the galaxy. The rebel scum cannot stem the tide of the First Order!"Rey jumps at the sound of the formation saluting, a loud, uniform sound.Kylo notices her reaction. He reaches out and grabs onto her arm, as if worried she will try to run. Rey would run, if she could. But there was no place to run to for very long.Rey wants to back away. Kylo Ren holds a firm grip on her arm. A nervousness builds in the pit of her stomach. It's easy, Rey thinks, when you get into a routine, to forget that you're surrounded by enemies.She is surrounded by enemies in every possible direction. Rey wants to look at Kylo Ren's face, but he's wearing his mask. She wants to look some place for assurance, for comfort. But there is none to be found in the gleaming starship of the First Order.Hux releases the soldiers from the formation with a loud "DISMISSED!" He talks with Phasma. Kylo Ren begins leading Rey out of the hangar. Rey glances back at Hux. He looks over at her and winks.Rey couldn't believe it. Couldn't reconcile the side she just saw of Hux to the man she had slept with. She lived in terror, worried that Kylo Ren would find out.Kylo Ren holds her hand as they walk down the corridor back to his room. "You're so tense," he says to her as they walk.Rey nods. Kylo moves his hand up to her shoulders and squeezes reassuringly. Rey hadn't seen Hux for about five days, since the night she slept with him.In that time, Kylo Ren had been surprisingly kind to her. It had been jarring that morning to wake up and find him putting his helmet on. The mask that frightened her. The mask that was all hardness and steel, nothing like the soft and gentle face of the real Kylo Ren.They enter Kylo Ren's room. Kylo takes off the mask. Puts it down on the table.He walks up behind Rey and wraps his arms around her. She closes her eyes, enjoying the warm, safe feeling he gives her. He holds her like that, cradling her, for several minutes."You were scared," he says.Rey is pulled from her warm place. The anxiety and nervousness return. She shakes slightly and stumbles over her words. "I'm not scared…"Kylo Ren kisses the back of her neck. "You were terrified. Did Hux frighten you?" he asks innocently.Rey's pulse speeds up at the mention of Hux. She squeezes her eyes closed. She doesn't want to answer. She wants to keep the peace between her and Kylo Ren."It IS Hux," Kylo Ren laughs softly. "He is a fright. I don't blame you for being scared." Kylo turns her around so that she's facing him. He kisses her forehead. He pulls back and frowns down at her. "There's something else," he says.Rey's heart beats hard in her chest. She shakes her head. Images of what happened between her and Hux begin popping up in her head."What is it, Rey? You shouldn't keep secrets from me."Rey backs away toward the bed. "It's nothing… it's just been a stressful day and Hux's speech wasn't— wasn't good—"Kylo Ren follows her. He pushes her onto the bed and straddles her. He grabs her wrists and holds them against her chest. "What is it, Rey?"Rey shakes her head violently. "It's nothing! Nothing!"Kylo holds her wrists with one hand and puts the other on her forehead. "It would be better for you to tell me."Tears stream down Rey's face. Her cheeks turn bright pink and she cannot speak. Cannot speak of what she did with Hux. Images come unbidden to her mind… him pressing into her… kissing her… coming inside her…Kylo Ren abruptly jumps off her. He looks unsettled. Smoothes his hair back. He turns away, looking anywhere but at Rey.Rey cries. "Kylo, I'm sorry!""You… you slept with him. You slept. With HIM." Kylo Ren paces around the room, disbelief in his voice."Did he rape you?""No…" she sobs, shaking her head."So you went willingly?" he asks in a low voice.Rey nods, sobs wracking her body. Kylo screams in rage and lights up his saber.Rey trembles in fear as Kylo approaches her with his fiery sword. He holds the light saber against her neck. "Then you've just saved HIS life." He shuts the red blade off.He walks away, then turns around and POINTS at her. "You think I'm a fool."Rey shakes her head, tears streaming down her face. She walks over to him and gets to her knees, holding her hands in front of her apologetically. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."Kylo shakes his head coldly and backs away from her. He picks up his helmet and leaves the room. Rey is left alone, crying.She barely sees him at all for the next few days. Rey jumps every time someone comes through the door. But each time, it's just a droid bringing food. Which she eats alone.Rey doesn't know if this is a good thing or bad. Doesn't know what's to come. It is a lonely and tense few days. Kylo Ren pops in occasionally and ignores her when she tries to talk to him.He doesn't sleep there. Rey wonders where he is sleeping? She finds the answer one day when he enters with a female stormtrooper.They're both fully dressed in their armor, but they both have their helmets off."Just gotta get a jacket…" Kylo tells the stormtrooper.The stormtrooper notices Rey and looks Rey up and down, disdain clear in her expression. Kylo doesn't even look at Rey once or acknowledge her in any way. Rey just sits on the bed, arms wrapped around her knees, and watches. Terror gnawing at her belly.Kylo gets what he needs from the closet. Walks back to the door and kisses the female stormtrooper on the lips. They put their arms around each other and leave. When the door closes, Rey begins sobbing hysterically.Rey doesn't know how to feel about it. He was sleeping with a stormtrooper? Who was she? Why?The next time the droids bring in food, Rey throws the dishes at the door. She kicks and punches the door, struggling to open it. It's steel. It doesn't budge. She turns around, FURIOUS. She wants to destroy the room. She paces around violently.Then she stops. Worried. Was she becoming like Kylo Ren? Exploding into fits of rage… just like him. Rey shakes her head. This isn't the Jedi way, she thinks. She takes a deep breath and sits down in the middle of the floor.She's angry, scared, frustrated. She breathes deeply— let the emotions pass through her. Don't turn to the dark side, she tells herself. If she turns to the dark side, Kylo Ren wins. The First Order wins. Snoke wins.SCENE 1"Don't resist me. If you relax, it won't hurt so much." Kylo Ren's voice is the only thing she hears.Rey's arms are pulled behind her back and suspended from the ceiling. She's naked, bent over at the waist, gagged, and blindfolded. She can't see, or ask for help, or beg for him to stop.She struggles against him, but his strong hands on her waist hold her in place."I love it when you struggle…" He smacks her lightly and then massages her butt cheeks, pulling them apart.Rey wants to scream at him. No! Why are you doing this? She cries in her head. Only desperate moans make it through the gag in her mouth.Kylo Ren tried to stay away from her. He really didn't want to hurt her… Or he thought he didn't. Because he DID. Nothing he did the past few days consoled his anger, his RAGE at her betrayal.But now they were approaching Moraband and things would have to change. She had been startled when they got up that morning and he ordered her to her knees. He was deeply disappointed that she didn't obey immediately. As if they hadn't gone over this so many times. She put up a resistance and now he had to break it.Rey pulls away in surprise as Kylo Ren gently touches the delicate orifice between her butt cheeks. He smacks her and holds her in place, continuing. Pulling her cheeks apart and gently inserting an oiled up finger."This will feel better if you don't resist. Don't try to fight me. You won't win." His voice is firm, commanding.He steadies her bottom, then continues, this time inserting two fingers and gently scissoring them apart."You're so… innocent. Your mind is so tough and strong. But you're innocent." He continues preparing her with his fingers. "I'm the only one who's done these things to you. Just me… and Hux."Rey goes still, shocked. Her heart pounding."You really thought I wouldn't find out," he says, his voice cool and even. "You can't hide anything from me."Kylo Ren strokes himself, oiling himself up, preparing to enter her from behind."You're wondering why I'm not mad? I was. That's why I stayed away for the past few days." He rubs his hands over her bottom, watching her struggle helplessly. He runs his hand up her back, pushing her down."And I am still mad." His voice seems to run over her skin ominously and sends chills up her spine. "And you should be afraid."Rey whimpers as he scratches his fingers down her back. He positions his penis at her back entrance and presses forward. Rey cries out in pain."Shhh… Relax… Don't fight me…" He runs his hand along her sides and she shudders, sensitive. He grabs her waist and presses himself in deeper.The unfamiliar fullness is shocking to Rey. Nothing was more humiliating than this, she thinks. He's violated every part of her body and mind.He presses in and pulls out, making her cry out loudly— her voice still muffled by the gag.She feels moisture between her legs— feels her body aroused, despite her horror. As he presses into her back end, she feels a distinct lack, an unsatisfied achebetween her legs.She endures his assault upon her— feels regret that he's not fucking her properly. It surprises her that she misses the pleasure from every other time he took her.The way he moved inside her now made her crave him— Such dissatisfaction! She felt the moisture from her arousal leak down her legs— desiring him— but there was no build up of pleasure this time— no orgasm. Just a WANT— a frustration— and an unfamiliar and humiliating fullness."Why should I give you what you want when you've betrayed me?" He pushes into her furiously, finally reaching his release. He holds her tightly as he spills his seed into her rectum.He pulls out. He SLAPS her bottom and she jumps. Rey feels helpless and intensely FRUSTRATED. Stimulated and denied release… nothing but a dull, craving ache between her thighs.And a violated feeling. Used. He'd pleasured himself and emptied himself inside her… and left her hanging, wanting, with a silent and intense anguish.She hears him moving about the room. She cries and struggling in frustration."Calm down," he says, annoyed. He walks over to her and smacks her ass. "I have a present for you."Rey knows this isn't good. She stills herself, trying to calm down.Kylo runs his hands all over her body, petting her. "It's all over now…"Rey's nerves are fired up and she can't shake the frustration she feels between her thighs.Kylo Ren unties her wrists, releasing her. Rey falls to her hands and knees. She stays there while he removes the blindfold and unties the gag in her mouth.Kylo picks her up in his arms, cradling her. He kisses her forehead. Carries her to the bed."Why did you do that to me?" Her voice is shaky as she cries. Tears stream down her face. Kylo wraps a blanket around her."Are you going to obey?" he asks as she stares into his deep, dark eyes.She nods, still crying."Don't ever keep secrets from me again.Rey puts her head down, unable to look at him. Kylo Ren pets her head. "I'm not your enemy anymore, Rey." He tilts her head up to look at him. "You belong to me."The look in Rey's face is painful to him. So hurt. So vulnerable. Fragile. His heart goes out to her then… He doesn't need to penetrate her mind to see how much her sense of self begins to disintegrate day by day… always reminding herself that she's a person… that he's the monster and what he's doing is wrong…He shakes his head. He's the monster? He needs her rock-bottom, her identity broken and discarded— before he could begin turning her into a powerful force user. One that would serve him completely."What are you, Rey?""I'm— I'm yours," she says, hoping it is the right answer. Wanting the peace they had before he found out about Hux. Deeply regretting it and wanting to please him."Are you hungry?" he asks.She nods. Kylo moves over to the kitchen. He begins pulling out cooking devices and removing food.He looks at Rey, huddled on the bed. He smiles and shakes his head. "You're precious, Rey. Absolutely precious.""Are you still mad at me?" she asks meekly.He continues cooking. Shrugs. "We'll see. Now get dressed. We set down on Moraband in less than an hour."Rey takes a risk to ask a question. She fingers the collar around her neck. "I thought you were going to take this off when we landed?"Kylo sighs and walks over to the bed and caresses her face. "Don't make me hurt you. When we land I can't be kind to you anymore.""Kind? You've never been kind…" she says in a hushed voice.Kylo Ren's eyes widen. "If that's how you feel… then let that be a warning to you for what could happen when we land."



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