also known as hardness鲜嫩高中生无套进入

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also known as hardness鲜嫩高中生无套进入

This is my first 18+ Story, so I would like as much feedback as possible. Please not this is all fictional, includes gay content, BDSM, rape and is based on the Warhammer 40k Universe, which is a Sci-Fi universe. Furthermore I write in the first person, just to give it a more personal feel! I hope you enjoy the read.My name is Xarn and I am a Chaos Lord, gifted and assisted by Slaanesh, God of Excess, Lust and Pleasure, Greed and Pride. The more, the better. Always. We followers of Slaanesh vary in our worship. Most fresh cultists were introduced into sex orgies that fulfilled each of their darkest fantasies. And overtime they would linger for that first-time feel again, craving it permanently and in search for that height delving deeper and deeper into their desires. Resulting, like in my own case, to the road of power and pursue to gain not just temporary lust. But power over others, subdue them with force and simple superiority, control entire world populations and hear them chant your name. That is the sort of pleasure I accustomed to.As Chaos Lord, I command a fleet of warships, a legion of soldier, planets and space stations. And with each additional worshipper, my power will increase as more and more boons would be granted to me, such as my eternal youth, charismatic charms and weapons filled with hungering demons.. Usually, I would be plotting my next conquest at this time of the day. But I made a precious find in the last battle. Among the prisoners taken by my troops was a former ally who had betrayed me, attempting to make his own Warband with the potential goal to overthrow mine and merge my vessels and armies into his own. Today, he would learn what the price of betrayal truly was.“Who is there?!” The betraying fool demanded to know as he could hear the hiss of the door. I walked up straight to him, wearing only my robes as I knew that my armor would be only troubling for my plans. Just to see him like this. In a simple shirt and trousers, chained upright on the wall through chains that connected to rings around his wrists, neck and ankles. It was a delightful sight to see him wiggle powerless and grunt. “Announce yourself already!”Oh what fool he was, demanding, from me? He should know better by now. And so I stretched my right hand out to his cheek and caressed it gently. To see his face of anger twist into a face of fear was pure delight. He immediately recognized the cinnamon-vanilla smell of my hand that I bathed in everyday, the smoothness of my hand, the gentle stroke with letting only my fingertips scratch him gently without leaving a mark. “Today will be the longest day.” I whisper into his ear, letting my warm breath into his ear, causing him to shudder in awkward arousal. I could see him fighting his body’s instinct, but there would be no victory for him, only shame each time his body would betray him.I was never known for my discretion and hated silly games, to get to the point was my preference. But today I just may make an exception, pleasures like these are only rarely encountered and if, then they should be enjoyed to the very fullest. My hands wandered across his muscular body, massaging his tired muscles as my teeth sank playfully into his neck. The poor soul whimpered, attempting to fight his arousal further, yet I could see the erection building up through his trousers. When I glanced at his face, he bit his own lips to suppress his secret desires. As his shaft grew, so I moved my hand down to his thigh. His entire body stiffened and he knew that soon, he could not hide anything any longer. I watched his face all the time as my hand caressed his inner thighs, never reaching his genitals. Yet I could read in his face that he wanted me to. “Beg me.” I commanded him, but only got a spit of him on my face. Only laughter emit my thirsty maw as I wiped it off. “Let me see what your response will be in a few moments.” I chuckled amused as I undid his trousers, button by button. A warrior would be able to sustain any physical torture, such as lashing him. His discipline could also make him overcome humiliation. I had to break him with his own means. Despite being a traitor, he still fell for Slaanesh, and I would give him that kick he was looking for, if he liked or not. And ironically, that challenge itself aroused myself as well. Once the trousers were gone I smiled on his erection that measured a healthy eight inches. Standing like a good and proud soldier that saluted to me, I welcomed him with my right hand wrapping around him. I slowly started to move my hand up and down his shaft while my left hand wandered under his shirt and rubbed his chest muscles. Oh his struggle to keep his cool was delightful for the both of us, as I could tell by the scent rising from his shaft, begging for more attention than my very slow and tender strokes. “Have you changed your mind yet, to beg me for more?” my chuckle echoed from the walls, being replied with the aggressive dangling of his chains. What looked like his attempt to break free, looked for me like a demand for more. And so I grabbed his shirt and ripped it off while my hand wandered from his shaft down to his balls. I juggled them slowly in my hand, rubbing and massaging them. His back arched, not much, but I did see it. His struggle was real, and I cherished it ever more.Placing his shirt and trousers on the floor, I used them as a pillow while kneeling down. My long and serpentine tongue slithering out from between my lips to slap the hole of his penis gently, while tugging his balls slightly. My increased senses picking up the flavors of his last meal through his pre-cum, and my ears listening to the symphony of his soft whimper. Though I had to admit, that his shaft was quite arousing to myself, the blessings and ironies of Slaanesh. And so I gave into the desire, wrapping my lips around his penis after pulling his foreskin back, licking it vigorously. Inhaling it more life, also known as hardness, through my warm lips as I grinded them up and down his throbbing penis. Rewarded in finally his moans as he could not take it anymore. But I would not blast his seed into me, not this easily anyway. So I withdrew with a bright smile and rubbed my own saliva off with the sleeve of my robe. “Beg me.” But he still resisted, panting breathless, he shook his head. Denying us both what we desired. If I would be a quitter,亚洲欧洲日产国码无码av I would be no Lord of legions that eradicate entire worlds just because I feel like it. And so I let go of my robes, sliding them off in a single motion, followed by removing his blindfold to let him feast on my unaged body. Free of scars and of an athletic, but not overly muscled body. Right in the corner of healthy and trained. “Like what you see?” I rubbed my hands over my body, making him wish they were his. The smirk on my face was clearly visible as I saw his eyes tracking my hands.My left hand ran over my waist, across my belly and up to my right chest and over my neck, before letting it rest on my cheek and inserting my index finger slowly into my mouth, giving it a gentle blowjob as if it was his cock I just devoured a moment ago. My right wandered between my legs, grabbing my own shaft and so I jerked off while he watched. But unlike him, I did not hide my desire and moaned freely. It was just about an inch short as his own, but slightly thicker as trade-off. And when I opened my eyes and moved my both hands after this short show on each side of my hips, I knew. He was ready to give in, completely.So I let go of myself and step to the side, put my hand on a lever and lower his chains. Bringing his knees to the ground and his head on my waist height. The moment I stepped in front of him, grabbed his black short hair and pulled on it to force him to look at my fully erect shaft he simply started to devour it, like I did him the favour before. His lusty eyes remained open as his drooling mouth moved faster and faster up and down my penis. While releasing delightful moans I started now to thrust my shaft down his throat, forcing him to deepthroat me. His eyes widening let me know that he had trouble taking it all in, but I cared little for his discomfort and kept thrusting at my own pace, fucking his head to my delight. And I could tell that he enjoyed this sort of control from the way his tongue danced around my penis while I offered no mercy. My cock already throbbed, ready to shoot the sperm down his throat, but I would savor that and therefore retreated my penis.It was a glorious sight, the saliva and pre-cum having combined to some sort of glaze that made it shine like a fresh polished blade in the room’s light. My ears were delighted, too, from the sound of heavy breathing and panting of the man in front of me. My oh so dear prisoner who knew, he would not get away anytime soon. I took his ankle chains off and before he realized he was hanging in free air, my hands having grabbed his ankles and making him hang belly up two or three feet in the air from the floor. My lubricated penis pressing against his asshole and penetrating his virgin ass with force. He squirmed in pain, possibly also terror - judging from his face expression. I only could smile, taking his virginity from that hole would mean I had the opportunity to show him new pleasures, I would ensure he would never forget this moment by forcing my cock inch by inch completely into his anus. Once it was tucked warm in the depth of his intestines I looked into his eyes. “You believe you hate this. But wait until I am done. You will thank Slaanesh forever that you have met me, even your betrayal. I shall show you a new height, and then. Oh yes, then you will truly beg me every night to this very exact thing over and over to you.”He opened his mouth to reply, but I pulled back and thrusted my penis deep into him right at that moment, forcing him to moan instead of talk. And then I gave him a steady thrusting. A slow pace at first to let his asshole get accustomed to the massive width of my cock. I groaned from the tension and his muscle grabbing it rough. The good things about assholes, especially from men, had been that they were tighter than vaginas as they were not made for sex. Not wasting my breath with more words I started to pace it up.My penis burning from the desire of cumming, but I held back the hardest I could. I did let go of his ankles, only to feel him wrapping his legs around me. I grabbed his shoulders and fucked the living hell out of his asshole as it finally was lubricated by his own saliva and my pre-cum to give me delight instead of pain from the impact and pace of my thrusts. I groaned as I alternated my thrusts to a tick slower but harder. My penis throbbed and I knew I would come any second now. “I BEG YOU, XARN! FILL MEEEE!” My little victim screamed in delight, arching his back and his anus squeezing my cock hard. I could not hold back any longer, shoved the entirety of my penis into his anus and shot four or five spurts of cum into the depths of his anus.My entire body shook for a moment from the release and I slid my cock slowly out, taking a step backwards and grinned in satisfaction as my cum started to drip from his body. My dear prisoner was electrified and saliva drooled from the side of his mouth, still trying to accustom the sensation he is experiencing right this moment. And that is when I realized that I could very well make him my permanent love slave. I adjusted his chains so he did stand again, but remained with his wrists chained on the wall. He only had a question mark on his face which made me grin. I went down on my fours in front of his throbbing cock. While he attempted to get his cock on my asshole, I made sure that I remained out of distance, gave my finger a good lubrication and then started to finger-fuck my anus in front of his eyes, looking at him over my shoulder. Seeing him humping the air like he was, due to the inability of masturbating or getting to fuck my hole. Feeding of his thirst I gave it a gentle fuck while my cock started to soften out after it’s climax, though it continued to drip occasionally cum and saliva. My prisoner could only look as I moaned. I continued for what must have felt an eternity to him as he roared and pulled on the chains, trying to step closer to me. Alas, I denied him his deep desire. And eventually I got up to my feet. “I beg you! Let me cum inside you! I do whatever you want!” He begged and I chuckled, only to give him a hard slap with the back of my hand across his cheek, leaving a red mark. He instantly shut up and lowered his head in defeat. I grabbed his chin and forced him to look at me. “You spat at me. And you were a mediocre lover at best and even try to break free. There is no reason I should let you release yourself. And in fact….” I only could grin devious as I clapped twice and the room door once more opened as I gathered my robe. Naked beautiful woman after another entered. Until there were six, equal to the sacred number of Slaanesh, of these nymphs in the room. My handpicked consorts, the most beautiful ladies, all from a different world, long devotees of Slaanesh and each of them had been worshipped as a goddess of love and sex in cults. One of them wore a strap-on cock and jerked it off playfully, winking at the prisoner.“Enjoy the show.” I laughed and took my leave, only glancing back to start seeing the women to caress the one with the strap-on, their hands wandering all over her body, squeezing her buttcheeks, her breasts, covering every inch of her. Two of them started to kiss, caress and drool over the strap-on. And they would continue to make love to each other for the next couple of hours, without ever touching my prisoner whom cock would continue to throb until I would return and finally grant him his relief, since he didn’t know that one of the blessings I received from Slaanesh was that only my saliva would continue to please him. Anything else he would attempt to shove his cock into would feel like sticking it into a jar of acid. He was forever mine.



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