then jeans天天躁狠狠躁狠狠躁夜夜躁

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then jeans天天躁狠狠躁狠狠躁夜夜躁

Sam Wilson’s House.Natasha peeled herself out of her clothes. She turns the shower on. While the water is comingto temperature, she pulls a tampon out of her pussy. Pulling it out sends waves of pleasure rippling through her body, her toes curl and her knees shake. She lets out a moan. There came a knock on the door.“You okay Nat? Need any stitches?” Captain Steven Rogers asked, always thoughtful and considerate.“Just a bruise. Get an ice pack ready.” she replied. ‘What I need from you is your super soldier dick’ she thought to herself. She examined the engorged tampon. It hadn’t absorbed any blood. It wasn’t her time of the month. It was swollen with pussy juice. Hulk broke her more than just physically. Ever since Dr. Cho performed reconstructive surgery on her throat, vagina and anus, she has been in a constant state of sexual arousal. Being aroused was something that had never happened to her before. She wanted to jump every man she saw and ride their cock. Being around Steve Rogers was outright torture. She had never known an orgasm until Hulk raped her. Now strenuous physical activity makes her orgasm. During her mission on the Lemurian Star she orgasmed at least 3 times, or maybe it was just a single really long one. Sometimes they just blend together, but one moment did stick out, when Steve grabbed her and dove through a window to avoid a grenade. Feeling his powerful arms and ‘just take and don’t ask’ attitude at that moment reminded her of her time with Hulk. She came. She came hard enough that she squirted in that moment. She’s remembering that moment now as she’s in the shower, that and ‘God Bless Sam’s shower’, the shower head is of the detachable variety. She’s blasting her clit with the shower head in one hand, and pounding herself with the luffa handle as deep and hard as she can with the other. She feelsher orgasm coming. Her breathingturns to panting, she lets out another moan. “Want that ice pack now?” Steve shouts through the door and over the noise of the shower.“No.” She growls She comes. As the waves of pleasure roll over her she loses her balance as her knees shake and toes curl. She falls. Steve bursts into the bathroom.“You okay?” His eyes are closed. Always thoughtful and considerate. Natasha pulls the luffa out of her pussy. “If I had been hurt, how did you intend to help me with your eyes closed.”“What happened?” Eyes still closed.“I’m tired and I slipped and fell while scrubbing a leg. Now out.”Steve backs out and closes the door. Natasha pulls herself up and steps out of the shower. She dries off and wraps the towel around her. She leaves the bathroom.“All yours.” Steve walks in. As the door is closing Natasha catches a glimpse of Steve pulling his shirt off. A droplet of moisture runs down her thigh. ‘I hate you Hulk, I fuckin hate you’ she thinks to herself. She pulls the towel off and noiselessly enters the bathroom. Steve is unwrapping bandages from his upper thigh and Natasha gets her first glimpse of him naked. More beads of moisture roll down her thighs. Steve is reaching to pull the shower curtain open when Natasha comes up and grabs his cock from behind and simultaneously cradles his balls by reaching between his legs. He’s hard before she ever touches him.“W-w-what are you doing?” He stammers.“You were hard before I grabbed you. Did you peek when you barged in?” Her tone playful.“I would never peek.”“Oh , really. Then what’s this?” She asked as she stroked his shaft.“That’s always there.”“I know men have penises, silly.”“No, I mean it’s always… erect”“No one is always erect. You’re suppose to call a doctor after 4 hours. ““It’s been that way since I was treated with the Super Soldier Serum.”“It’s been that way since the 40s?” she asked. “Even when you were on ice?”“Always.”“You poor boy.” She continues stroking his shaft, all 10 inches of it. “How do you hide this thing?”“I strap it to my thigh with bandages.” He tries to pull Natasha’s hand from his cock. She tightens her grip on his balls.“No, no, no. I’m thanking you for saving my life on the Lemurian Star and the SSR Bunker”“You could have just bought me a drink.”“But you can’t get drunk or even tipsy.” Her stroking picks up the pace.“Nat you really don’t.”“But I want to.”“Nat”“Shh, just let it happen” she interrupts him. Her stroking picks up the pace. She moves her hand from his balls to work just the tip. His begins secreting precum. Natasha slows, and rubs her index finger along the tip of his cock. She licks her pre-cum covered finger.“Mmmph, delicious.” She jerks him faster.Even his cock inherited super strength, she had trouble controlling it every time his kegels flexed. He grunts and blows his load. It splatters on the shower curtain. He continues to come. Natasha is impressed, only Hulk’s load was bigger. She steps around Steve and runs her fingertips through the cum running down the curtain. She’s about to put her cum covered fingers in her mouth when she notices Steve’s eyes are closed.“Natasha we shouldn’t.”“Why not, you’re not seeing anyone.”“Is that why you’ve been bugging me about who I’ve not been dating?”“Just wanted to know if I had a chance and if you had a type. Now open your eyes.” He finally opens his eyes. At the sight of her naked toned body his cock flexes. She gives him lasciviously look and puts her cum covered hand in her mouth. Steve is confused, the thought of what she just did should be disgusting but instead it excited him more than he thought possible. Without even being touched he blows another load. The cum splatters on Natasha’s chest. She wipes it with her hands and licks her hands clean.“Wow, i guess that’s what happens when you seduce a 96 year old virgin” She says playfully. She jumps on him wrapping her legs around his waist. Using a hand to guide his cock into her pussy she slides down onto it.“No Natasha”“You can call me Peggy if the lie would help” She said affecting a British accent. “If you don’t fuck me, I’m gonna fuck you” She said grabbing his face and looking him in the eye. He jerked his head away.“So that’s how it is, is it.” Still with the accent. She uses her legs wrapped around his waist to bounce up and down on his cock. Steve wasn’t into it. Natasha wanted a man, not some paragon of virtue. She changed tactics instead of trying to seduce him she was going to try and make him angry enough to rape her.“You aren’t man enough for this cunt.” She slapped his face. “You weren’t man enough for Peggy Carter’s cunt either.” That got his attention. “Nat don’t.” Natasha climbed down from him.“You’re pathetic Steve.” She said turning to leave. “Small and weak, where it matters most.” She reached for the door knob. Steve shoved and pressed her into the door with his body. His forearm pinning her head to the door“I’m not small. I’m not weak.” He said angrily into her ear.“After you went on ice, the Howling Commandos fucked Peggy. All at once.” “Shut up Nat”“Not until you fuck me like a man. Then she fucked Howard Stark, and his butler.”“Fuck you Nat.”“Then she blew a bunch of senators to get SHIELD off the ground.” Steve uses his legs to spread hers then guides his cock into Natasha’s dripping wet pussy. He’s balls deep in her and he keeps pushing. Natasha is on her tip toes then finally off the ground completely. She’s suspended in the air as Steve fucks her. Each thrust makes her come,精品国产一区二区三区香蕉 but it wasn’t enough for her.“Fuck me harder! Fuck me like you hate me.” Steve doubles his efforts. Natasha is squirting profusely. Her cum is now just streaming down her legs.With his free hand he pulls his cock out of her pussy, then shoves it in her ass. Steve pulls her away from the door and spins around. Grabbing her arms like a drawbridge he lowers her to a be parallel to the floor.He fucks her ass. It doesn’t take long, he grunts and thrusts hard. Coming in her ass. Natasha thinks her ride is over but only after a couple of seconds he resumes fucking. Each thrust hits her G-spot. As she orgasms, her sphincter clenches Steve’s 3 inch diameter cock. Her clenching only spurs Steve to fuck her harder.Natasha’s eyes roll into the back of head. She loses track of time. She commands him to fuck her faster. Her demand comes out a garbled “Fuhghk meh fahth-tuh.” Steve comes in her ass again. Steve pulls Natasha upright then pulls his dick out. He lets her go and she slumps to the ground, cum oozing out of her ass and pussy. Steve starts to move to the shower, but Natasha grabs his leg. She pulls herself up and starts slurping and licking his cock. Natasha wraps herselfaround his leg like a child riding a parent's leg. Steve drags her to the shower and steps in. Picking her up with his leg. She deepthroats Steve, while he starts to bathe. She pulls back, so only the head is in her mouth, she starts jacking the shaft. Steve’s hips start to thrust involuntarily. Natasha grabs his ass cheeks and rams his cock down her throat. He comes, and she greedily swallows his cum. She slowly pulls her head back, while sucking. The cock exits her mouth with an audible pop. She squeezes the cock forcing any remaining cum out, and licks it from the tip. She kisses the tip and nuzzles the cock like a cat nuzzling its owner's leg. Steve yanks his cock from Natasha’s grasp and steps out of the shower.“Please, I need more. I need your cock. I need your cum.” She begs him. He’s wrapping the bandage around his upper thigh, strapping his erection to his leg. He pulls on his underwear, then jeans, and walks out. Natasha sitting in the shower pulls her knees to chest. “What have I become.” She reflects. She stares off into nothingness, the shower curtain comes into focus. She crawls over to it to look for the splatter of Steve’s cum. It’s not there. She looks on the shower floor, gone, washed away by Steve’s shower. Then she remembers the cum from her ass and pussy, it’s still there she crawls out too it. Like an addict that hates her addiction but the addiction is too strong she starts slurping up the cum. With half the pool of cum gone, Sam enters the room.“Steve said you needed something.” He says before noticing Natasha on the ground. She looks up at him Cum all over her chin, lips and nose.“What the fuck?!” Sam exclaims. Natasha turns like a cat, she puts her head to the ground and ass in the air, she uses her hands to pull her ass cheeks apart presenting her pussy and ass to Sam. Natasha thought to herself, as she heard Sam unzip his pants,‘Oh Steve, always thoughtful and considerate.’ Black Widow will return in Avengers: Captive of Ultron.



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